Stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fond

För klinisk forskning speciellt i cancersjukdomar


Contribution to Special investments

Grant are annually awarded for special investments in clinical and preclinical cancer research with clear clinical focus.

These special investments can be of two types.

1) Grant for equipment (up to 250 000 SEK)

This grant shall be used for investment costs to new or completing equipment. It can be applied by one, preferably several researchers or research groups. The applicant must describe the need for the equipment, as well as how other researchers should be able to get access to the equipment. The grant is not intended for the purchase of basic equipment such as centrifuge, refrigerator, freezer, cultivation equipment, etc.

Applications can be sent continually during the year and can be written on free paper (Word format).

The application is to be sent as one pdf-file to secretariat [at] agfond [dot] se

2) Seminars, symposia, conferences and AG-lectures

The grant intends to allow, in Gothenburg, the organisation of workshops, symposia, conferences centred on cancer research, by covering or contributing to the costs of invited participants, secretariat, premises etc. The arrangement shall be publicly announced and the attending shall be open to all.

The application can be submitted by anyone who previously completed a doctoral degree and who is a cancer researcher in activity.

A granted amount shall be available for use during max. one year. Thereafter, an economic and scientific report shall be submitted to the foundation.

Application process

The application shall be submitted on a special form. A description of what the grant is meant for (max. 2 A4 pages), a detailed CV, a list of the applicants’ publications, as well as a detailed budget plan shall be attached.

The application is to be sent as one pdf-file to secretariat [at] agfond [dot] se

Applications can be sent continually during the year.

Application for seminar funding shall be submitted at least 4-6 weeks before the event shall take place.

Link to the application Word, 191.1 kB..