Stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fond

För klinisk forskning speciellt i cancersjukdomar


Bigger Research Grants

Two grants by 600 000 SEK each for bigger projects are awarded annually, preferably one for pre-clinical cancer research project and one for clinical cancer research project. All types of cancer research can be considered as long as the clinical research issue one intend to help resolving is clearly identified and has a clinical significance.

The grant can be used for administrative costs (including salary) as well as operating costs and for a duration of max. three years. Thereafter, the project owner shall submit an economic and scientific report within a delay of 3 months.

Who can apply?

Postdocs and young scientists, e.g. 2-7 years after the disputation and after deduction of possible sickness and parental leave can apply. The applicants can obtain this kind of grant up to 2 times. This grant can not be combined with the other category of research grants from the AG foundation.

The application process

The application is done in two steps:

Step 1: A summary of the project is submitted on free paper. Scope: max 2000 characters including spaces. The summary shall contain a project titel and a short description within the folowing headings :

  • Clinical problem
  • Specific issue
  • Work plan
  • Clinical significance

The application shall contain following items:

  • Applicant’s name and contact information (office post address, phone and e-mail)
  • Applicant’s institution,
  • Dissertation date,
  • Date for Associate Professor nomination if any
  • List of publications.

Applications' deadlines are March 1 for step 1.

NB! The application will be sent on free paper as one pdf-fileto secretariat [at] agfond [dot] se . Applications that do not follow the instructions are rejected without assessment.

If the application pass the evaluation, it is selected for the step 2 of process.


Step 2: The selected applicants shall submit a full application on a special form together with:

  • a research program (maximum 5 A4-pages), edited with Arial-font 12 pts
  • a detailed CV
  • a complete list of publications.

The research programme shall include the following headlines:

  • Clinical problem
  • Specific issue
  • Background
  • Work plan
  • Preliminary results
  • Clinical relevance
  • References

Applications' deadlines are May 1 maj for step 2.

The completed form shall include detailed information about the budget plan, and the statement of the applicant's ongoing funding as well as pending research grants for the current project and others in which the applicant works as main or co-applicant.

Applications that do not follow the instructions are rejected without assessment.

The application is sent as one pdf-file to secretariat [at] agfond [dot] se

Download application form in English Word, 191.2 kB. for the step 2 (Applications for Step 2 written in Swedish in this form are accepted).

Time plan

The call for application takes place in February with submission deadline:

  • March 1 for Step 1 (on free papper)
  • May 1 for Step 2 (download the blankett)

Decisions are taken by the Board before Midsummer.