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    Utdelning av stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fonds Pris för utmärkt avhandling i cancerforskning till ...

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  • Stipendieöverlämnande:AG-Pris 2022
    Utdelning av stiftelsen Assar Gabrielssons Fonds Pris för utmärkt avhandling i cancerforskning till ...

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Application to the Assar Gabrielsson's Award

Applications for the Assar Gabrielsson's Award can be submitted by persons who have defended their thesis no later than 3 years prior to the application deadline.

As of 2016, two prizes are awarded: one in the basic scientific medicine and one in clinical research. Only one application can be submitted. Basic cancer research includes basic, experimental and preclinical cancer research. In clinical cancer research, some of the research should be close to patients, including, for example, clinical or intervention studies.

Presentation of the application

The application must be presented in a maximum of one PDF file containing a signed application, CV, a letter of motivation and the link to the digital thesis. The thesis shall not be older than three years.

NOTE 1! The two categories (Clinical/Basic Sciences), previously pkt 1 of the form, were removed: the reviewers thought that it may be difficult for the applicant to decide in which category to apply. The categories remain, but the reviewers choose instead where each application shall be placed.

NOTE 2! Nowadays, only digital dissertations are received. The applicant shall not send books any longer, but attach a (working) link (like DIVA) to the application.

1. Applicant

Contact details, i.e. a postal address, a telephone number (preferably a mobile number) and an e-mail address shall be provided.

2. Supervisor / Opponent

The opponent's statement does not need to be attached, only contact information is sufficient.

3. Dissertation

The title of the thesis is to be given in the first row.

In the second row, the link to the digital version will be inserted

The impact factor shall be mandatorily reported.

4. Summary and annexes

The letter of motivation shall be written in Arial font 12 points.

No other special attachments such as articles or publications are required.

All required attachments will be gathered in one PDF file so that only one document is sent to the secretariat.

The form shall be dated and signed by the applicant.

The application file must be sent to the by 1 February. The secretariat will control that the application is in order and send a receipt with a registration number.

Additional information can be requested after the submission.

The file may sometimes exeed the max size and be rejected from the office mailbox. The applicant should therefore never hesitate to contact the secretariat in order to obtain a confirmation of reception.

Link to the application – AG-Scholarship Word, 193 kB, öppnas i nytt fönster.


The Board of the Foundation will take its final decision at the April Board meeting. The award ceremony will take place in May.


Application for research grant during the autumn following the award ceremony

The Award Winners from each category will have then the possibility to apply for their own extra research grant of SEK 100 000 by submitting a research plan no later than 1 October.

Applicants will use the usual Research Grant application Word, 214.1 kB, öppnas i nytt fönster.; the form will be signed by the Head of Department.

The Board of the Foundation will take its final decision regarding the application at the Board meeting held in November/December, after which the grant will be paid in December.